We made Ghost Tequila with the goal of creating a tequila that could stand on its own (no lime, no salt) and also be the standard for spicy margaritas. The brainchild of a Boston-bartender, the idea for Ghost came when the hero of our story started playing around with infusing spicy peppers in Tequila. His drink - combining a touch of sweet and heat to offset the traditional tequila burn - was a local hit amongst tequila aficionados and novices alike. This small success indicated a huge market potential, and so Ghost was born.

As our first step in bringing Ghost to market, we partnered with the most awarded distillery in Mexico to produce the finest quality 100% agave Tequila available. We then worked with a PHD chemist to achieve an approachable and consistent level of spice in every bottle, so that the delicious spiciness encountered in a Boston pub would taste the exact same as with a margarita made from home in San Diego.


The result was a completely unique taste experience that replaced the traditionally aggressive after-burn of Tequila with a mellow heat; a Tequila that would streamline the spicy margarita process for bars and render DIY spicy drinks at home a complete no-brainer. No more muddling, no more guesswork, no more scorched mouths.

Finally, to compliment this disruptive new product and the hustle that got it to market, we created a brand that celebrates service industry as well as any patron looking for a kick to the classics and an opportunity to embrace their spicy side.

In two short years, we turned an at-home experiment into a top 53 national Tequila company, selling 5,000 cases in our second year of operation, with 90% of our volume coming from just 3 major markets (Massachusetts, Texas and Southern California). Empowered by a rock star team of sales professionals, advisors and ambassadors, Ghost is now present in over 3,000 retail locations nationwide with new accounts added to our roster each day. Triple digit sales growth, industry-crushing reorder rates and consumer testimonials underscore the potential of a brand that has hardly scratched the surface.