Ghost Tequila's First Annual Sinners' Dinner

What do you get when you combine Boston’s premier bartenders, copious amounts of Ghost-inspired craft cocktails, some 90’s hip hop and a couple live Boa Constrictors? Our first annual Sinners’ Dinner, that’s what.

We threw our first big industry party of the year right in the Seaport District of Boston, in the hidden treasure known as The Boston Button Factory. Working with a “Garden of Eden” theme, we completely renovated the space with tropical plants brought in from around the state, ivy strewn everywhere on the walls, and - oh yeah - a “live portrait” of Adam and Eve (you’ll see what we mean). To tie it all together, we rented a couple big ol’ Boa Constrictors so people could either a) hold them or b) keep a solid 10 feet of safe distance between themselves and their nightmare incarnate.

The night was absolutely bonkers to say the least. We’ll be bringing this themed party to markets all over the country, so if you’re industry and love slingin’ some Ghost, look out for that invite.